My name is Bag, Shopping Bag


Some say Croatia is a small country with a big caracter. It has many different languages and dialects. This is what FCE is all about!
Get to know Croatian words that can’t be found in any dictionaries or school books. Just like old photos or some good smells can beam you into good memmories, this words can make you feel happy.
We got those words on your everyday shopping bags so you can learn how to say them by wearing them!

It was really fun getting together all the funky words Croats use in everyday life and then putting them onto something you can have by your side every day. You can expect a lot more stuff with this funky words.

Big guideline for us is that we know where it all comes from. Materials are environmentally friendly and made in factory in our neighborhood, watter based colour print is also made in print studio close to us. Bags are sewn together and hand packed in factory that works on fair trade basis and encourages the employment of the disabled and other socially excluded people.

Lets just say, we are proud of our products, hope you feel that too.









What to do, what to do… we wanted to make something that is 100% Croatian, we wanted to collaborate with Croatian fair-trade manufacture, we knew we wanted something different than products you see in regular gift shops… so we came up with FCE.



We spent hours picking materials, talking with factory people untill we got this perfect material of natural origin to satisfy even toughest quality demands.



Idea of funky Croatian words came up one day during a coffee time with friends on some nice terrace (which is a normal thing in Croatia). Words that are used in Croatia, that are not in any dictionary or book but we still use them every day. Decision was easy, gather as much words as you can and get them on some products.



Every single bag is made by hand in a social enterprise company that is owned by its employees and/or local community members, a company that is lead by both social and commercial objectives and that is managed commonly and on the democratic principles.
When bag is done and printed, we pack them to triangles and give them sexy thongs which we know you noticed 😉


BAGGIZ stands for one of a kind, urban handbag design.
We like to make bags for people who dare to step outside limited mainstream fashion and prefer individual and unique products.
We love innovative designs mixed with high quality materials.

We started designing and producing our handbags in 2006, in Cakovec, CROATIA / EU.
In the beginning, our designer Ana was trying to design perfect bag for herself. Eventually one bag turned into a dozen, and dozen turned into our own design and production company.

Since then we work hard on innovative and creative bag designs that are modern but also practical, unique but also adaptive to your daily needs.

We spend a lot of time testing durability of new designs before they are turned into new collections, so we can be really sure they are close enough to perfect!

About Humana Nova

Social Cooperative Humana Nova encourages the employment of the disabled and other socially excluded persons through the production and selling of quality and innovative textile products made from ecological and recycled fabrics for the needs of the domestic and the foreign markets. Our products are the response to the actual needs of users. Each fiber of a product embeds the satisfaction and benefit of workers, cooperatives, Nature and community. In this way our Cooperative actively contributes to the sustainable development of the local community, diminishing of poverty and nature conservation.

Social Cooperative Humana Nova is one in a series of the social enterprises that Autonomous Centre – ACThas been running and developing in the area of the County of Međimurje.

Social Cooperative Humana Nova is a leader of the social entrepreneurship and has been recognized in the wider regional scope. The work of the cooperative has actively and directly contributed to the establishing of a tolerant society and has in turn helped the socially excluded persons and their families in enhancing their self-reliability and the quality of life.

Togetherness, cooperation and mutuality / Quality and professional quality/ Leadership/Courage/ Sustainability (economical, social, ecological)/ Acquisition of new skills /Pleasant and motivating workplace

Did we make you go awwww? Get one funky bag now!