Brač: The White House was built from the stones originated from Brač!

White House in Washington D.C. was built from stones from the island of Brač!

Ever since ancient times stones have been dug out at the stone excavation sites on the island Brac. (At present, the most important stone excavation place is situated near town of Pucisce.) the stones from island Brac have been used for building some of the well known world structures. The high quality stone enabled building a number of famous constructions in Croatia too. The most significant are the Palace of Diocletian, the Cathedral of St James in Sibenik and the Cathedral of St Lawrence in Trogir which have been under World Heritage (UNESCO) protection. The White House in Washington, the Parlament House in Vienna and Budapest were built from stones originated from island Brac. The whole dynasties of famous Croatian stone masons were educated at the quarry near Pucisca during the Renaissance and Baroque period. For instance, Juraj Dalmatinac, Andrija Alesi and Nikola Firentinac are the most famous ones. The only school of stone masonry in Croatia is situated in Pucisce. The school has been successfully active for more than a century. The school performance and its masters are recognized worldwide, and the school workshops offer quite interesting contents to various visitors.