Six Unique Travel Experiences You’ve Never had in Croatia

You’re looking and searching for things to do in Croatia for your upcoming vacation and you see advertised all of the usual suspectssuch as walking the UNESCO certified walls of Dubrovnik, no doubt you’ve also stumbled across many beaches you’d like to explore as well as a list as long as your arm of historical sites that define a traveller’s travel checklist for Croatia. They are all great, and many of them we suggest as the absolute must-see things to see and do in Croatia to everyone coming to Croatia. But, what if we told you there are six very unique experiences in Croatia that you’ve never had?

Unique things to do in Croatia

Dinner in the Sky Zagreb
The event will be held in front of the Westin Zagreb hotel, where up to 22 guests per meal will be suspended (50 meters) in the sky by a team of professionals. Top chefs from Croatia will be featured each day, and the chef will not only prepare the meal, but will join guests in dining experience, discussing the food and menu above the city. Foodies will love the face-to-face contact with the chef along with the breathtaking view of the city.


Watch a donkey race at Sali

Donkey racing is the main event at Sali’s (on Dugi Otok Island) cultural festival, but activities actually start on Friday with the “Fisherman’s Night”. Donkey music performances, the enjoyment of traditional fish stew, grilled tuna and anchovies along with Dalmatian a cappella singing are the events of the night. On Saturday, sporting events and festivities like bag races, tug-of-war and scooter races along with “Sali Night” (an illumination of the Port filled with boats), pop music, and traditional food fill the day. On Sunday, the final day of the festival, the donkeys have the spotlight. Trke Tovarov, a series of donkey races occur along the quayside of Sali. The winner enjoys a slab of prosciutto.


Flyboarding in Kastela

How does the thought of attaching a water jetpack to personal watercraft and flying high above the Adriatic sound? Flyboarding allows you to hover above the water and test your balance and nerves, but you can perform tricks like the seriously insane people in this video.

Milk a donkey

I swear, we don’t spend all day looking for donkey related activities, they just seem to find us. On the Peljesac peninsula, you can visit a donkey farm, where you can learn about donkeys, receive a donkey riding certificate, taste donkey milk and even have the chance to milk the donkey yourself. You can make a day of it by visiting the vineyards, going to the donkey farm, taking winemaking lessons and ending the day with a 3-course dinner.

You can think of us when you are here and having a great day with the donkeys.


Sky Dive Simulator Vugrek

Crafts Vugrek is a family run business (since 1976) that have a vertical wind tunnel. The free fall simulator is open upon request and is located at Negro 7, Novi Golubovec, Krapina near the Vuglec Breg winery. Autumn is the best time to visit in order to see the magnificent colors of the fruits of the vineyard, enjoy a walking tour and participate in the grape harvest and socializing with locals.


Town of Hum Celebration of the Election of the Mayor

Each year on the Day of Hum, men from the parish elect their prefect according to an old tradition – engraving votes in wooden sticks. The town prefect is responsible for the parish, settling disputes in the town and deciding penalties for disorderly conduct. The election is followed by a fold festival which includes fine traditional dishes, homemade wine, and homemade brandy.